Groups & Clubs

We have a lot of fun stuff happening in Ghent Square. Residents can play pickleball and tennis all year and enjoy pool activities in the summer. The Recreation Committee organizes food trucks, Movie Night, bike rides, and various children's activities. Marc organizes a plethora Let's Get Connected events in the clubhouse and around the community. If you're looking for something to do, contact one of our resident volunteers below.

Contact Scott Shephard if you have questions or want to help with recreational events:

Contact Marc Rabinowitz if you would like to participate or lead a Let's Get Connected activity:

Contact Monica Shephard if you would like to help rejuvenate the gardens at the Fred Heutte Center:

Contact Lori Rattan regarding pool events:

If interested in an affiliate pool, tennis court, and/or pickleball only membership, please go to the Affiliate Membership page.

Log in to TownSq to see our Events Calendar or head over to our Facebook group page to see what's happening in our community.