Parking Throughout Ghent Square

Ghent Square Community Association offers approximately 140 private parking spaces + curbside parking available to our residents. These parking options will be accessible via the association's private roadways (concrete surface) and are only available to Ghent Square residents to utilize. Vehicles of residents of Ghent (including West Ghent) but not a Ghent Square resident will be towed from these parking spaces at the owner's expenseSee the next section, farther down on this page, for more details on Ghent Square private parking.

The City of Norfolk also permits curbside parking on the public roadways (asphalt surface), when indicated. These roadways include:

  • Boissevain Avenue
  • Botetourt Gardens
    (the 1200-1300 blocks required an additional City permit)
  • Colonial Avenue
  • DeBree Avenue
    (specific locations as indicated by City signage)
  • Mowbray Arch
  • W Princess Anne Road
  • Raleigh Avenue
  • Shirley Avenue
    (only on the odd # side of the road, not the high school side)
  • Westover Avenue
    Curbside parking is not permissible on Llewellyn Avenue nor W Olney Road
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Ghent Square Private Parking

Almost every property in Ghent Square has a parking option for our residents, but Ghent Square is also proud to offer an additional 140 spaces (either on a first-come-first-serve basis or for rent) plus curbside parking on any curb not painted in yellow. These additional parking options are accessible via our private roadways (the courts and mews). Residents interested in renting parking within Ghent Square should contact management at for more details. 

Ghent Square private parking is located throughout the entire neighborhood, on every private street we oversee. Find the closest parking option to you!

Van Wyck Mews

  • 11 rentable spots*, behind 416-424 W Princess Anne Road
  • 6 first-come-first-serve spots, behind 1301-1309 Botetourt Gardens
  • 6 first-come-first-serve spots, behind 1324 & 1326 DeBree Avenue / in front of 423 Van Wyck Mews
  • Curbside parking available

Pender Court

  • 8 rentable spots*, adjacent to 1233 Llewellyn Avenue
  • 8 rentable spots*, adjacent to 1361 Llewellyn Avenue
  • 8 first-come-first-serve spots, behind 1229-1309 Llewellyn Avenue
  • 8 first-come-first-serve spots, behind 1300-1320 Botetourt Gardens
  • Curbside parking available

Westover Mews

  • 16 rentable spots*, between 437 and 447 W Princess Anne Road
  • Curbside parking available

Llewellyn Mews

  • 7 rentable spots*, adjacent to 1010 Llewellyn Mews
  • 6 first-come-first-serve spots, adjacent to 345 W Princess Anne Road
  • 8 first-come-first-serve spots, behind 1102 Botetourt Gardens (the Botetourt Gardens condominiums)
  • Curbside parking available

Boissevain Mews, Olney Mews, & Ferguson Court

  • Limited curbside parking available

Botetourt Court

  • 6 first-come-first-serve spots, adjacent to 820 W Botetourt Court
  • 9 first-come-first-serve spots, adjacent to 825 E Botetourt Court
  • Curbside parking available

Mowbray Court

  • 6 first-come-first-serve spots, in front of 606-618 W Mowbray Court
  • 6 first-come-first-serve spots, in front of 607-617 E Mowbray Court
  • Curbside parking available

Ghent Square Clubhouse, Pool, & Courts

There is a parking lot at the Ghent Square Clubhouse, Pool, & Courts (852 Mowbray Arch, Norfolk, VA 23507), offering 20 parking spaces, with one being ADA accessible.

* Each rentable parking spot costs $62.50 per quarter.

Towing for Ghent Square is facilitated through
Jack's Towing
(757) 461-5764